Skip Bins Industry And Marketing

The waste disposal industry plus marketing tips for skip bin companies


“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. To date, that saying holds true. Without a doubt, the waste disposal industry is a treasure-trove. Skip bin companies do dirty work but the money’s good. Usually, trash collectors gather waste and burn, bury or dump it. Strict laws regulate the treatment and disposal of waste. Local councils, on their part, monitor hazardous waste and oversee trash collectors.

Alarming Waste Materials

Medical waste is considered hazardous. Household trash should end up in a designated dumpsite – not your backyard. Things that explode (like gunpowder and firecrackers) must be thrown away carefully. Other items, including batteries, paint, fungicides, antifreeze, wood stains and pool chemicals, if dumped recklessly, might be detrimental to the environment.

Benefits of Disposing Waste

For starters, the economy is growing and the environment is thriving. Environmental benefits include energy savings, fewer carbon emissions, less water pollution and long-standing landfills. Economic benefits are more jobs and increased revenue.

Industry Legalities

Trash collectors must follow the rules and regulations in place. When you’re out and about, keep clean water, clean air and toxic substances in mind. Break the rules and you’ll be fined or your license revoked. Other laws regulate trash pick-up, garbage burial, landfill monitoring and refuse disposal.

Staffs and Supplies

Invest in balers, crushers and compactors. Waste carriers like skip bins, garbage bags and trash cans are indispensable. A fully-equipped and serviced truck is required to ferry garbage from residential homes, business premises, building sites and factory grounds to local landfills. Truck drivers and garbage collectors form your ground crew. Hire a clerk and an accountant as well.

Formal Education

A college education isn’t necessary. However, knowledge about insurance and licenses is requisite. No business will grow if its manager isn’t conversant with administration and accounting. Business courses groom entrepreneurs for the executive job. Create a business plan. Be aware of industry concerns and prospects. Educate yourself and your workers about waste laws. And that’s how to stay ahead of the curve.

Profit Margins

Though fuel prices are high and waste laws are strict, annual proceeds are skyrocketing. For maximum profits, skip bin companies are embracing recycling. Because a recycling plant is costly to set up, collect recyclable materials and sell them to recyclers.

Advertising Skip Bins

It’s important to market skip bins. Though old-fashioned, TV, radio, newspapers and Yellow Pages aren’t dead. Business cards, refrigerator magnets, branded pens and corporate calendars keep the marketing spirit up. At first, traditional advertising works great. But, over time, it starts declining. To remain popular, try modern techniques with fast and sure results. Internet marketing takes less time and cash. For better outcomes, consider social media, pay-per-click ads and SEO. A business website is a bonus. Reach prospects by posting engaging content and utilising relevant keywords.

With the right supplies, strategies and staffs, no mountain’s too high to climb. At all times, be on the right side of the law and create a memorable customer experience. In so doing, the sky’s the limit for your skip bins business. As usual, Milam County Business Marketing got in touch with an industry expert. This time it was from Adelaide. For the most up to date news in the skip bin industry, visit their website.