Marketing Strategies For Building Companies

Secret marketing strategies for construction & building companies

Whether you’re an architect, a builder, or a home building company, it’s clear that construction marketing is vital. Without it, the continued success and infinite growth of your business are in jeopardy. However, creating an effective marketing strategy can be a challenging and overwhelming task.

Perhaps you’re interested in updating your strategies to reflect innovative marketing techniques and current best practices. But aren’t sure where to begin or what to do. Or your lacklustre marketing is hampering your client acquisition efforts. If so, we’re here to help. This post offers plenty of advice you can use to maximize your construction and building company’s potential.

Develop client personas

Focus your energy on studying your target audience. Interview some of your existing clients. Learn what they like, what they despise and what they anticipate. Use the feedback to reconfigure your services and products.

Usually, the expectations and traits of your current customers match those of your prospects. When you research your target market, you are able to tailor content, identify your ideal buyer and make smarter marketing decisions.

Concentrate on branding

Devote funding and time to your brand. For construction and building companies, branding is fundamental. It helps you define your value and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Furthermore, it steers your services and products away from being seen as a commodity – a challenge many companies fail to address in their marketing campaigns. Once you have a general understanding of your target market, review your branding and align it to your new insights.

During this process, identify your company’s goals, your services and your business’s tone of voice. Also, determine what differentiates you from the competition, what prospective clients are looking for in your company and how you want to be perceived. Branding goes beyond taglines and colours. It’s also a way to communicate to consumers. To appropriately relay messages, your website, logo and social media should all operate cohesively.

Improve website design

Assess both technical and aesthetic perspectives of your present site design. Begin by reviewing metrics using Google Analytics. Reviewing your current analytics is crucial as it provides insight into understanding areas that need improvement. A refresh or full redesign updates your site and makes it mobile friendly.

Before making any further improvements, analyse your competitors. From the analysis, show your development and design team what you’re looking for in your new site. Focus mostly on navigation and smooth user experience. To get significant traffic from Google, make sure your site is responsive and viewable on all devices (such as iPads, tablets, smartphones, etc.)

Advertise online

Organic traffic takes time and is very competitive. Concentrating on paid advertising can accelerate your efforts. Use available advertising options like Facebook, Google Adwords, LinkedIn and remarketing. These platforms offer a unique chance for construction and building companies to effectively reach their demographic.

However, new advertising programs may take time to gain traction and quantifiable results. Whichever platform you select, give it at least 3 months to evaluate if you’re getting success. In that time frame, scrutinise the results and make necessary adjustments.