Gift Box Marketing

Tips for Marketing and Growing Your Gift Box Business

As a small business owner, low traffic and poor sales can sink your gift box venture. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Below you’ll find tips and insights from industry mavens and veterans. The pieces of advice touch on marketing and branding from Bundle & Twine, a leading gift box supplier in Adelaide. Read about them on their site.

Give People a Reason to Buy

People aren’t buying your gift boxes because they don’t see the need and difference. For people to throng your brick-and-mortar store, you have to differentiate yourself and meet their expectations. Hold exclusive events and use online coupons to promote your store. Besides that, communicate what you offer and make your products unique.

Focus On Your Sales Process

How do you sell what you sell? Is it in person or on your website? In the gift industry, commodities and services are abundant. There’s little you can sell that’s not available elsewhere. To remain relevant, you need to make your customer experience remarkable and distinct. Products come and go and businesses rise and fall – but incredible experiences never fade.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Your brand has to be lively and captivating. Work on your brand, whether it’s a name, design or symbol. Great brands improve recognition, create trust, support advertising, build financial value and generate new customers. Therefore, express your brand in every gift box you sell and gift-giver you interact with.

Never Stop Researching

Research your sales, competition, customers, inventory and vendors. Learn what you can do to improve your marketing, merchandise and deals. Know what your competitors are up to and what their customers expect. It doesn’t end there – research customer service and selling techniques.

Motivate Clients to Take Action

The best time to entice your customers is during the holiday season. Stock your store with a variety of gift boxes. Target the bon vivant, fashion maven, single-malt seeker, stylish minimalist, handy tinkerer, cool kid and stationery friend. Don’t practice pressure sales. Instead, make customers believe that there’s limited time and inventory. Try the phrase “buy now while stocks last”.

Be Locally Relevant

Local relevance is worth it. You have to be familiar with (and grounded in) the community you operate in. This gives rise to marketing ideas and product themes that locals relate to. People tend to support their own.

Embrace Shoppertainment

Create an exciting shopping experience. That’s the coolest way to grab the attention of today’s shopper. Run events in your store to build traffic, generate customers and make sales. Minor events take less time to plan and implement. Take “shoppertainment” to another level by offering engaging and interactive activities.

Connect Online With Offline

Think about digital marketing. A well-executed SEO plan is a good starting point. Search engine optimisation drives traffic to your website and shoppers to your physical store. In short, SEO lets you enjoy the best of two worlds – online and offline.

Ready to take some action? Turn your store around to get enough foot traffic and a surge in gift box sales. Your endgame is a huge customer base, skyrocketing profits and fabulous products.