Milam County Information

Being located in the state of Texas, Milam is one of the most serene counties in the state. The county seat is at Cameron, a settlement located at the junction of the US Highways 77 and 190, not too far from Austin in the north-central part of the county. As a result, it is quite easy for residents and tourist alike to visit this county whenever they so desire.


Milam County has a very interesting story behind it. The county was named after Benjamin Rush Milam. He was a soldier and one of the early settlers in the area. Milam had fought in the Texas Revolution, of which he was one of the most prominent figures. Also called the Texas War of Independence, the Texas Revolution was an armed conflict between the government forces of Mexico and the colonists in charge of Texas as at that time. The whole fracas started in October 1835 and by the time it ended in 1836, the Republic of Texas had been declared.

The conflict would continue well into the 1840s and it would not come to a conclusive end until the Mexican-American War, which lasted from 1846 to 1848 following the annexation of Texas to the United States of America.


As at the time the census was conducted in 2000, there were almost 25,000 residents living in about 9,200 households made up of over 6,500 families. The demographic breakdown also showed that the residents in the county included Whites (who made up almost 80% of the population), Blacks (African Americans), Asians, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans and Hispanics (or Latinos). In addition to these, there were others with German, Irish and English roots.


For a county of its size, Milam is adequately supplied with good educational facilities and infrastructure. To cater for the needs of the people, there is a total of six Independent School Districts (ISDs) all of which are headquartered in the county. These include those in Milam, Buckholts, Cameron, Gause, Rockdale, Thorndale, and Milano. In addition to these six Independent School Districts, there are also four other extra districts that extend into the county, and these include those located in Caldwell, Holland, Rosebud-Lott and Bartlett. There is also a private school catering for kids. Therefore, as far as education is concerned, Milam County is a fine place to settle, work, or live, especially for working parents with children.


A very lively county, Milam County as numerous communities and adjoining municipalities. Although it must be pointed out that some of these communities have been deserted and are now ghost towns, there are some others that are really outstanding. Those in the latter category include Thorndale, Buckholts, Milano, and Cameron. Others include Davilla, Pettibone, San Gabriel, Gause, Maysfield and Burlington. However, it must also be pointed out that a few of these communities, like San Gabriel, are unincorporated.


Like some other counties in Texas, Milam is an outstanding place for tourists and fun-seekers. There are various sites and tourists attractions all over the county. You will surely be thrilled in the county as there will be no single boring moment. Some of the most well known sites include the Dr. Nathan and Lula Cass House, an octagon house that is now referred to as the Magnolia Inn and there is also the Milam County Courthouse and Jail. The building is also referred to as the Milam County Museum and remains one of the most historic places in the county. Other sites include the San Xavier Mission Archeological District and the International and Great Northern Railroad Passenger Depot. Milam is a progressive county and has a lot to offer.


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Milam County Information